Serpent's Skull

The Journal of Zander Vosk

Pharast 17, 4707
Today is my birthday and already I can’t wait for it to be over. Father gifted me a set of merchant’s scales, “For use when you go into business for yourself,” he said. What a fool. I could never live the life of a merchant… it’s just so boring! I want to be a great adventurer and slay monsters and search for treasure. That’s the life I’ll lead as soon as I escape from this droll city. The only worthwhile gift I got was this journal from Thora. She said that someday I can write about my grand adventures in it and read it to her when I return home. For an annoying little sister, she’s alright sometimes. Mother is calling me to dinner so I’m done writing for now. See you later journal.

Pharast 24, 4707
I won the archery tournament in town today. Father couldn’t attend due to business, but Mother and Thora saw me! Someday I’ll be the best Archer in all of Golarian.

Gozran 5, 4707
I had a fight with Father tonight. I told him that I had no intention of ever becoming a merchant and he called me a simple minded fool. I’ll show him. I’ve been saving up my gold and I’m leaving this stupid town. I’ll miss Mother and Thora the most, but I have to get out of this place.

Gozran 14, 4707
I did it. I packed up all of my things and left Magnimar last night. I’m going to head west to Korvosa and see if I can find work with a mercenary company. I’m finally going to live the life I’ve always wanted.

Sarenith 7, 4707
I’ve finally arrived in Korvosa and hired on with a group called the “Bloody Bugbears.” They seem like an alright bunch. We’re going to be busy escorting caravans all across Varisia so I probably won’t have much time to write in here. I’ll make sure to record any encounters with horrible beasts though!

Neth 3, 4707
I think I saw a bear today. It might have just been a big sheep though. This caravan guarding work isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Gozran 30, 4710
I just found this old journal in the bottom of my pack. Looks like I haven’t written in here for a while. Not much is new though unfortunately. I’m still mostly just working as a caravan guard with a few other jobs when we stop in towns. I thought when I left Magnimar that things would finally start getting exciting, but this is no different than working a regular job in the city. I need a drink.

Desnus 1, 4710
I spoke with a sailor last night who told me about a land in the south filled with riches beyond my imagination. This sounds like the place for me! I’m going to go talk with the Captain today about getting a job on the ship to get passage. I can’t wait!

The Captain's Log

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