Flora and Fauna on Smuggler's Shiv

I, Zamballah, have taken it upon myself to document the various plants and animals that we have encountered here on Smuggler’s Shiv. Some I have encountered already in the Mwangan jungle that I call home. Others are new to me, though we are not so far from my homeland. I will attempt to include the actual names assigned to these discoveries, but if (and more likely when) I do not know them, I will make up a suitable name.

On our first day on the Shiv, in fact, our first moments, we encountered a strange, crab/scorpion creature that I immediately dubbed a “crabulon”. The crabulon must travel in groups or have a grouping instinct as there were several of the creatures. They attacked us using their large, powerful pincers and with their long, scorpion-like tails. The venom from their scorpion stings was mild and we had no problem resisting it. Had I thought about it, we could have harvested the meat from the creatures for future use, but at the time I was distracted by my apparent poisoning and our strange, new circumstances. I will not allow an opportunity to harvest food pass my by in the future.

As we travelled along the cliffs overlooking the beach, I noticed a type of seaweed or fungi in the water along the coast. It gave off a strange type of luminescense that I can only speculate has led to the tales of ghosts and hauntings along the coast. While observing this phenomenon, however, I thought I spied a vaguely humanoid-shaped creature in the water. I cannot identify it, so I will not classify it in this text. I will, however, keep my eyes open for another sighting as we explore the island’s coastlines.

It was while approaching a higher elevation on the island that we spied a large nest. I was able to determine that the eggs in the nest were those of the Dimorphodon (or so I think. Zander seemed to agree with my assessment). Shortly after leaving the nest area, we were attacked by several adults of that species. We were able to kill one and disable the other. Zander has the crazy idea of taking it for a pet or allowing one of our fellow castaways to do so. I do not think the idea has any merit and the end result will either be injury to one of our party or the death of the winged creature. The Dimophodon, by the way, is a variety of dinosaur that is common to Mwangi. They are a smaller, flying lizard with several variety of teeth in their mouth. They are not know to attack so aggressively, so I assume they were protecting the nest we had earlier encountered.

Our next encounter was with a rather viscious specimen of plant that I’ll call the Red Berry Sticker (at least until I can determine the actual name of the plant). We decided to give the plant a wide berth, even though the berries have some medicinal value, but one of my new companions, a halfling bard by the name of Willi, attempted to harvest the berries in spite of my warnings. He received a nasty poke and suffered a bit from the plant’s venom. Luckily for him, he took a small dose and will recover. He is quite proud of the few berries he harvested, however. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that they will spoil here in the jungle rather quickly. He’ll probably sicken himself even further by attempting to eat the berries later. Ah well, I can only do so much.

Flora and Fauna on Smuggler's Shiv

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